Most organisations will have in place a comprehensive disciplinary policy that sets out the procedure to follow when there are concerns about an employee's conduct or performance. Most employers will also know that carrying out a thorough investigation is essential to prove that a fair procedure was followed. Even so, many hearing appeals and claims for unfair dismissal succeed because of flaws in the investigation process. These can range from a basic misunderstanding of the investigator's role, a failure to carry out a robust investigation, due to lack of training and or experience or excessive unnecessary delays to the investigation process due to capacity issues. WorkforceOne, part of the AuditOne group has developed a specialist workforce investigation service which will deliver, fast expert workforce investigations to its members and clients.


One of the key aims of the AuditOne consortia is to provide value adding services to its members and clients. The creation of this service has been driven by member/client demand and following is how we think we can make a real difference to your organisation and your staff:


Reduced investigation times

With a dedicated specialist Investigator allocated to each investigation, the need for managers to prioritise day to day tasks ahead of the investigation will be removed. Clear KPIs will ensure the delivery of an effective and efficient investigation service, meaning clinicians, managers and workforce staff are freed up to focus on their core service delivery. There will be no more juggling investigations on top of competing day job priorities. For the Investigator the investigation is the only priority.



Our sole brief is to investigate the facts of a case, collecting evidence, analysing and presenting it back to you in a way that stands up to intense scrutiny. It is therefore always presented in an objective manner and is carried out avoiding unconscious bias which can occur when carrying out investigations on behalf of your employer.

Staff wellbeing

Being the subject of an investigation can be an incredibly stressful and challenging time for anyone involved and unnecessary delays in progressing and concluding investigations can significantly increase those issues. The ability to access dedicated specialist resources and therefore reducing the time it takes to carry out an investigation will improve the well being of those staff involved, by reducing stress levels and associated sickness

Consistency, quality & organisational learning

WorkforceOne has developed a standard methodology based on national best practice guidance and offers the continuity of highly skilled investigators operating within a structured quality monitoring systems. This ensures a consistent approach to each and every investigation and drives consistency in approach and outcome. This level of consistency and expertise is difficult to achieve when managers carryout stand alone investigations on an infrequent basis. The organisational learning that can come from a more robust and consistent investigations service feeds into the policy and process development work of the organisation, organisational development activities and the development of workforce staff and managers within the organisation. The regional approach to delivering this service will also mean your organisation can learn from others and share best practice.

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