Technology Risk Assurance

Weaknesses in fundamental IT systems or loss of important data can have huge impact on operational service delivery, reputation and significant financial loss.              

Our highly experienced and skilled Technology Risk Assurance team provide added value consultancy services to our clients as well as the robust assurance over business-critical IT and information systems. 

We help and support many individual NHS and further education organisations, local government and large national information support services.Our team can provide advice and assurance on cyber security, information governance and data ethics and IT project management.                


For more information and discussion about how we can help you please contact:

Paul Tilney


Technology Risk Assurance Manager (Cyber Security Lead)



Paul is our expert on cyber security and provides advice and support to our clients on this constantly changing and challenging environment. 

Paul has over twenty years’ experience of TRA Manager, having previously worked in a senior operational and management role within a large organisation.     

He also leads on the Digital Forensics Service.

Karen Wass


Technology Risk Assurance Manager (Information Governance Lead) 



Majoring in data security, protection and ethics, Karen leads our information governance services with the TRA directorate.

With extensive experience of internal audit within the public and private sectors, Karen is a fully qualified chartered accountant and certified EU GDPR Practitioner. This give her a wide breath of knowledge and skills to advise and support our clients. 


TRA Blog

Today’s organisations rely almost totally on their information technology (IT) infrastructure. IT is at the heart of every business and public service, supporting and enabling services. Hence it is vital to protect, monitor and develop the IT investment.

AuditOne has a dedicated team of IT audit staff within its Technology Risk Assurance service (TRA). They have the skills and expertise to help you ensure your IT systems are protected and optimised. Our IT audits are detailed and thorough. You can be safe in the knowledge that your IT systems have undergone rigorous analysis, testing and review.

But TRA is more than just IT audit. AuditOne’s TRA assurance covers a wide range of IT components and services such as IT audits of network security. We are also a key part of ConsultOne, providing consultancy advice and working with you on your IT project assurance and advice on system application controls. 

Through our partnership relationship, TRA supports clients to improve and maintain system / data Security, Integrity and Confidentiality in ways that build on and extend traditional IT Auditing. From development and guidance on new technologies, to dealing with emerging cybersecurity risks and disaster recovery, we will work with you to support and improve your IT infrastructure.

In addition, we have qualified Information Governance auditors to help you tackle the vital issue of GDPR compliance, data protection and privacy. We will guide you through the legislative maze to ensure you meet regulatory standards and advise you on the best ways to confirm your users’ information is effectively protected.

TRA’s range of IT assurance services includes:

  • IT risk assessments
  • IT strategy and service management.
  • Assurance on strategic and operational IT projects
  • Software application and database audits
  • Network infrastructure management and communications audits
  • Network Penetration testing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Information governance / GDPR
  • Strategies for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Systems under development
  • Data Analytics

In the event of a specific problem arising with your systems, then our dedicated Digital Forensics service can assist with both the finding and analysis of otherwise hidden data.

At AuditOne we have the professional qualifications, personal knowledge and hands-on experience to help you to manage your IT risks – before they become issues.