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We provide a range of outstanding audit, counter fraud and advisory services to help your organisation excel.
Our services provide a credible, not-for-profit alternative to the private sector, helping to strengthen in-house teams and providing specialist services outside of internal audit's remit.

internal audit

At AuditOne we have a track record over many years of enhancing organisational value by providing a truly risk-based and objective assurance service. We are governed by a board consisting of client representatives which informs our strategic direction and priorities. We work closely with client management at all levels to ensure our service is responsive, tailored to client needs and demonstrably cost effective. Our audit plans are truly risk based, focussing on the things that matter to our stakeholders. We’re able to work with clients to utilise our extensive skills and experiences across our general audit and specialist teams to provide an integrated assurance approach as well as undertaking value added exercises and sharing best practices. We have a risk-based audit methodology and utilise information technology to enable agile working on a cloud-based platform to maximise efficiency. We also apply computer assisted techniques to our audit testing. Our product offerings include board assurance and risk support, project assurance, controls assurance and advisory services. A key focus of our activity is to ensure control improvement is sustained and so we work with clients to ensure actions are implemented and the ‘second line of assurance’ is in place and operating effectively.


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Counter Fraud

With reduced budgets and increasing demand on services, public sector organisations face the growing challenge of successfully managing risks of fraud, bribery and irregularity with ever lessening resources.

As a specialist provider of over 1500 counter fraud days we are experienced in delivering the full range of counter fraud, bribery and corruption services including prevention, detection and investigation. 

Our professionally qualified Counter Fraud Specialists will work with your organisation to identify potential fraud, bribery and corruption risks through policy and system reviews and suggest remedial action to reduce and mitigate these risks.  We can provide a full programme of activity to raise awareness and help create an anti-fraud culture within your organisation.

We are experienced in carrying out timely criminal investigations, from referral to prosecution; working within legislative requirements.  Where required, we will work promptly in partnership with you to ensure we can deliver the required level of service and support parallel enquiries including disciplinary and civil recovery.

In line with the AuditOne vision, all of our services can be accessed at our not-for-profit rates.

Technology Risk Assurance

Our technology risk ssurance team is one of the largest of any public sector audit provider in the north, providing services to 21 clients, from the Humber to the Tweed.

Technology Risk Assurance (TRA) is part of AuditOne to provide assurance over IT controls. Effective IT controls is fundamental for NHS to deliver patient care.

TRA assurance covers a wide range of IT components and services such as network security and system application controls. Through our partnership relationship, TRA supports the trusts to improve and maintain system/data Security, Integrity and Confidentiality.

In line with the AuditOne vision, all of our services can be accessed at our not-for-profit rates.