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Historically Audit One primarily provided services to the NHS. However, the combined experience of our team members covers a much broader range allowing us to provide relevant, tailored offerings to clients in a variety of sectors.

Yet, at the same time, successful implementation of a change agenda including service re-configuration, outsourcing, streamlining service delivery and new regulatory requirements requires increasingly effective risk management and assurance arrangements.

AuditOne can provide fully outsourced services to police and fire authorities and a range of help to local authority internal audit teams, all at not for profit rates in line with our desire to use our skills for the maximum benefit of the public sector in our region.


Examples include access to a range of specialist services, to support the delivery of internal audit plans potentially more cheaply than private sector alternatives including:

  • Our IS Assurance team, which is one of the largest of any public sector internal audit provider in the North East and Yorkshire. Our staff are Certified Information Systems Auditors or Certified Information Systems Security Professionals. They can provide a comprehensive range of IS Assurance services from detailed network and application security reviews, through to assessments of business continuity and disaster recovery arrangements or of IM&T strategy and governance arrangements.

  • Assurance over major projects and programmes, provided by PRINCE 2-qualified staff with experience in assessing controls over large-scale projects across the public sector.

  • Our team of professionally qualified anti-fraud investigators, with many years experience of undertaking investigations through to successful prosecutions.

  • Our highly specialist Forensic Computing service, designed to recover and interrogate data held on computing and similar equipment in a secure, effective and legally admissible manner. We are skilled in retrieving and searching data from hidden or deleted files and operate to ACPO standards.

  • Governance and Risk Management services, including Audit Committee training, development and effectiveness assessments, risk management training and helping organisations to optimise their assurance arrangements.

  • Assistance in adapting internal audit processes to provide robust assurance over significant outsourcing arrangements, based upon many years experience of providing internal audit services in respect of one of the largest outsourced service contracts in government.

  • Assessing Internal Audit effectiveness (as required by the IIA on a five yearly cycle). We can act as a ‘critical friend’ with experience of finding pragmatic ways to develop skills and services whilst facing similar challenges in another part of the public sector.

  • Whatever your requirements, in line with our vision, we would look to supplement and strengthen your capability, enhance your reputation with stakeholders and to transfer our knowledge. We regard these as success criteria for any work in support of in-house teams.

  • Providing additional resources to help internal audit teams stay on track in delivering their plans. 

Our team members include a former Deputy Head of Internal Audit in local government, a former Deloitte Director responsible for services to a Metropolitan Borough Council and auditors with extensive local authority experience.

Local government

"AuditOne has the critical mass to support a wide range of public service organisations in the North East and beyond."


Brian Dinsdale, Audit Committee Chairman

Achieving efficiencies in back office services, including internal audit, is crucial to meeting the financial challenges facing councils, police and fire authorities. 
Local goverment
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