Internal Audit

Our highly skilled, experienced and knowledge staff provide outstanding support to help your organisation excel. We are a credible not-for-profit alternative to the public sector, and can provide complete solutions, support to in-house teams or specialist services for ad-hoc assignments or one-off projects 

We aim not only to be a key provider of assurance, but a trusted advisor. We have a well-established approach to developing bespoke audit strategies for large and complex organisations. 

Our risk-based approach is built around your strategic goals and the key risks and challenges that you face in delivering your organisational and business objectives.  In partnership with you, we can develop a comprehensive plan to give robust assurance and add value to your organisation.  

We constant look for opportunities to complement and strengthen your own internal assurance arrangements, including risk management and governance processes. This ensures you obtain best value from our work and maximise our input.

We look to use innovate and maximise technology to deliver a cost effective and efficient serve. 


For more information and discussion about how we can help you please contact:

Stuart Fallowfield

Senior Director of Internal Audit (interim)

T: 07890 729656