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We want our clients to receive an internal audit service that adds genuine value. So we spend as much time checking that controls address real risks, optimise cost effectiveness and can be maintained through change, as we do testing their operation.


That way we know that the control is essential, costs no more than it needs to and can continue to work in future, not just in current circumstances.

Over time we have developed bespoke methodologies for internal audits of a number of areas - such as cost improvement, third party assurance and data validation - and innovative delivery methods including risk-based analytics and assurance optimisation. All of these have brought real benefit to our clients and all, along with many of the other services provided by the Internal Audit and Assurance team, can be transferred to any public sector setting.

In line with the AuditOne vision, all of our services can be accessed at our not-for-profit rates.

Internal audit & assurance

Internal audit and assurance
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"AuditOneprovide the Trust with value for money and, overall, a first class service."


Brian Dinsdale, Audit Committee Chairman, North Tees and Hartlepool, NHS Foundation Trust

We provide a range of outstanding audit, counter fraud and advisory services to help your organisation excel. 
Our services provide a credible, not-for-profit alternative to the private sector, helping to strengthen in-house teams and providing specialist services outside of internal audit's remit.