Serving the NHS is at the core of our business.
Audit One was formed from four NHS Internal Audit Consortia and we are proud of our NHS heritage.

We provide over 6,000 days internal audit, technology risk assurance and counter fraud services to the NHS in our region every year and have a proven track record of 

delivering invaluable assurance and advice in a wide range of areas, including:


• Improving and assuring governance and risk management arrangements, including governance between organisations for the ever growing range of joint working relationships 

within the NHS and between the NHS and other sectors. Examples of the work we do include developing Board or Audit Committee effectiveness; providing 'common sense' risk management 

training and development, and improving governance arrangements for shared services and partnerships. Our Governance team includes specialists in risk management who have 

worked with central government departments, listed companies and a leading private sector consultancy;


• Mapping and co-ordinating the outcomes of the myriad of internal and external sources of assurance to NHS bodies;


• Improving and assuring the quality of information, through data interrogation and validation, by benchmarking metrics across a range of NHS bodies and by bringing a rigorous and disciplined 

approach to the assessment of suitable performance, safety and quality metrics.


• Assuring regulatory compliance and health care standards, for example NHSLA or CQC standards


• Providing assurance and controls advice in respect of major IT and change programmes, including insights from other NHS bodies or from other sectors;


• Improving or assuring IT security and resilience. Our IS Assurance team, comprising Certified Information Systems Auditors and Certified Security specialists 

is one of the largest and most deeply-skilled of any public sector internal audit provider in our region.


• Providing both proactive counter fraud services, which apply targeted intelligence and analytical tools to the identification and mitigation of fraud risk, and comprehensive 

investigation services. Not only does our Fraud and Security team include highly-experienced investigators, capable of carrying out criminal investigations in line with PACE, 

but our Forensic Computing Service provides the facility to recover and interrogate data from IT systems in a legally admissible manner.


• A range of consulting services focused on cost and process improvement.


Our philosophy is to help our clients implement controls which address real risks, are cost effective, and can be sustained through periods of change not simply to test their operation. We are seen by Executive Directors and Audit Committees not just as auditors, but as business advisors, as evidenced by their testimonials throughout our website. In line with our vision, we actively look to share knowledge and skills with our neighbouring NHS internal audit providers, particularly through our technology risk Assurance team and through benchmarking arrangements.