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We provide a range of outstanding audit, counter fraud and advisory services to help your organisation excel. 
Our services provide a credible, not-for-profit alternative to the private sector, helping to strengthen in-house teams and providing specialist services outside of internal audit's remit.

Digital evidence, in the form of emails, internet logs or electronic documents, is an increasingly important source of evidence in today's investigations, whether criminal or disciplinary in nature.

Yet it is all too easy to compromise the admissibility of such evidence - simply rebooting a computer rewrites numerous registry files, a fact which barristers have used to cast doubt on the integrity of evidence obtained from personal computers. Digital evidence needs to be secured swiftly and safely at the outset of an investigation, which is where our expert service can help.

Our forensic computing service brings together the specialist knowledge and skills of our technology risk assurance and fraud and security teams to provide an effective, comprehensive and reliable service to recover digital evidence for use in investigations. We use specialist forensic software to recover documents in a legally admissible way and to perform forensic searches to identify relevant patterns and key documents. We can even recover relevant documents from previously deleted data, hidden files or reformatted disks.

Our forensic computing service offers a low cost, highly effective means of identifying and securing digital evidence. It has proven its worth in helping our clients recover vital evidence in support of significant internal investigations. It can also be used to provide more tailored solutions to specific scenarios, for example data recovery or limited internal investigations.

In line with the AuditOne vision, all of our services can be accessed at our not-for-profit rates.

"Whenever I need specialist knowledge I can turn to AuditOne and they can come back with what's required. Even in very complex areas they have or can access the skills to ensure that the work is done to a very high level of expertise."

Finance Director, Teesside

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