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Historically AuditOne primarily provided services to the NHS. However, the combined experience of our team members covers a much broader range allowing us to provide relevant, tailored offerings to clients in a variety of sectors.

In particular, we can bring together service teams which draw upon experience of:

  • Managing internal audit services delivered to FE colleges;

  • Auditing governance, financial management and funding streams within FE colleges, having been part of the Skills Funding Agency's assurance team;

  • Undertaking a schools audit programme for a local authority; and

  • Numerous investigations into alleged funding irregularities at both grant-maintained schools and FE colleges.

We can provide the following services at highly competitive rates in line with our not for profit ethos:

Further education colleges

Fully outsourced internal audit services, in compliance with the Joint Audit Code of Practice (JACOP), underpinned not only by the experience noted above but an extensive range of specialist assurance and advisory skills; for example, IT Audit, PFI and capital audit, risk management and governance specialists.

We are familiar with the annual and cyclical audit areas under the JACOP and of the risks and methodologies relevant to funding audits. However, we can also bring relevant insight from across a range of sectors.

We recognise that not every college is the same. That's why we will tailor our approach to your priorities and philosophies.

In addition, we can provide specialist investigation services, when necessary, using our team of professionally qualified investigators and, should specialist IT skills be required, deploying our Forensic Computing staff to retrieve and interrogate data in a secure and legally admissible manner.

Academies and independent schools

We can provide tailored solutions to meet the requirements of the Responsible Officer role, or to provide similar assurance to Independent Schools, drawing upon our knowledge of the Responsible Officer regime under the previous Grant-Maintained Schools regime and the Financial Management Standard. Under our approach, financial audit checks can be performed by experienced auditors and your Finance Committee advised by one of our managers, but the service will be provided at highly competitive not for profit rates.

However, our capability covers a much broader spectrum: we can provide a range of advice on how to implement robust processes in a whole number of areas such as financial management, financial transaction processing, corporate governance, IT systems and, where necessary, investigations.


"I have been most impressed with AuditOne's ability to reinvent themselves, to adapt to the changing environments of their clients and the services required from them."


Finance Director, Teesside

AuditOne has extensive and recent experience of providing audit, assurance and investigation services to further education colleges and schools. 
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