Counter Fraud

All organisations are continually faced with the threat of fraud and corruption, both from external and internal parties. Our team of accredited counter fraud specialists and highly experienced investigators can provide expert advice to support a proactive approach to tackling fraud, bribery and corruption. Where fraud is identified, we can carry out specialist investigations supporting a range of outcomes from local resolution to criminal prosecution. Our highly specialist team also includes access to accredited financial investigators and a forensic technology team.

Our team has a wealth of experience gained supporting public and private sector organisations, drawing on broad experience gained in UK and overseas police forces, the NHS, military police, the National Crime Agency, Interpol,  the Independent Police Complaints Commission, regulatory bodies, the Department for Work and Pensions and local authorities.

We not only have a proven track record of securing successful prosecutions, but also have a robust financial recovery ethos which has driven positive outcomes through both voluntary repayment and Proceeds of Crime Act recoveries.    

At the heart of our robust tried and tested methodology is our quality assurance regime. Whether we are carrying out a proactive review or prosecuting an individual, our methodology and quality assurance processes ensure the highest standard and consistency of our work.   

AuditOne has developed a wide range of innovative ways to raise the profile of the counter fraud team and the work they do. This includes interactive delegate participation presentations and cartoon videos. 


For more information and discussion about how we can help you please contact

Terry Smith

Director Of Counter Fraud

T: 0191 441 5939



Director of Counter Fraud, Terry Smith, has responsibility for strategy development and service delivery.

Terry is an experienced leader who specialises in service transformation and strategic leadership. Terry has over 20 years criminal investigation experience gained during his time spent with the Metropolitan Police Service, the IPCC and the NHS. Terry currently sits on the national NHS Counter Fraud Authority engagement and steering group.  Terry joined AuditOne in 2017.   

Rebecca Napper

Counter Fraud Manager

T: 0191 441 5941



Counter Fraud Manager, Rebecca Napper, specialises in proactive counter fraud prevention and detection work.

Formerly the Head of Counter Fraud for NHS South London Commissioning Support Unit, Rebecca has over 18 years’ experience of tackling fraud in the NHS. Rebecca won the Cabinet Office counter fraud innovation award in 2016 for an identity verification project ran at a large London NHS Trust and specialises in prevention and detection areas.  Rebecca joined AuditOne in 2017.

Michelle Watson

Counter Fraud Manager

T: 0191 333 3074



Counter Fraud Manager, Michelle Watson, is our lead for criminal investigation and compliance.

A former police officer, Michelle has extensive experience of working in both uniform and specialist crime roles. After working as an investigator with the NHS national body, Michelle joined the CQC where she worked as a compliance inspector. Michelle returned to the NHS as a quality inspector with the NHS Counter Fraud Authority before joining AuditOne in 2018.


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